Sophisticated Wildlife Deterrents


Competitive Comparison
  • The following matrix provides an objective feature comparison of several popular propane cannons:
Features GoodLife G1 Cannon GoodLife G1 Solar Zon
Mark IV
Reed-Joseph M4 BirdAvert
Sonic Sentinel
M14-1 Lite
Sonic Sentinel
Autonomous Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Capable of unattended, automatic operation
Adjustable Timer Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included User configurable detonation frequency
Portable Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown No Yes Yes Modular, readily transportable design
Available Spare Parts Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Complete catalog of parts available for purchase
Electronic Operation No Yes Optional Yes Optional Yes Yes Yes Provides improved accuracy and reliability
Random Fire Mode No Yes Optional Yes No No Yes Yes Reduces hatituation
of wildlife to effect
Solar Charge System No Partial Optional Optional No Yes Optional Yes Improves autonomy and reduces maintenance
Elevated Tripod No Optional Optional Optional Optional No Optional Yes Increases obstacle clearance and longevity
Rugged, Weather-Resistant Design No Partial Partial Partial Partial Yes Yes Yes Corrosion resistant with sheltered components
Nighttime Deactivation No Yes Optional Yes No No No Optional Desirable where noise ordinances apply
Available Wireless Remote Control No No Optional Available No Available Available Available Optional wireless activation accessories
Sonic Sentinel Module Compatible No No No No No No Yes Yes Motion detection, remote control, XBee radio, etc.
Proudly Designed & Built in the USA No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Product that supports
US manufacturing
LPG Efficiency 17,000 17,000 17,000 15,000 Unknown Unknown ~ 20,000 ~ 20,000 Detonations per 20lb propane tank
Comparably Equipped Cost  $* $$ $$$ $$$  $$* $$$$ $$ $$ Each $ = $400USD
* Uncomparable

Included / Yes Included / Yes Not Included / No Not Included / No Optional / Partial Optional / Partial Unknown / Unpublished Unknown / Unpublished

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