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Company Overview Sonic Sentinel manufactures humane, effective deterrents for discouraging birds and other wildlife from inhabiting unsafe or undesirable locations.

Preventing such occupation can help avoid costly property damage, fines, injury to wildlife, and even loss of human life.

Our innovative animal control solutions are designed to specifically meet the needs of agriculture, oil and gas, mining, aviation, waste management, and other related industries that must cohabitate with protected or nuisance species.

All Sonic Sentinel products are proudly designed and assembled in the U.S.A.
Model 14-1 in Field
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Model 14-1 in a Field
Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 Sound Cannon Deployed in a Field
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Model 14-1 Cannon & Tripod Model 14-1 Cannon & Tripod

Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 Propane Sound Cannon & Tripod

Introducing the Model 14-1 Propane Sound Cannon...

After many years in the wildlife abatement industry, the Sonic Sentinel team was disappointed by the lack of feature-rich, durable, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and portable propane scare cannons available.

As a result, the sleek Model 14-1 cannon was designed to incorporate numerous features and capabilities not previously available at its price point, if at all.

Although compact, portable, and technically advanced, the Model 14-1 cannon is rugged enough to survive the toughest outdoor climates and work environments.

Model 14-1 Product Information

• Portable - Compact and integrated, the M14-1 is easy to operate and transport

• Advanced - The M14-1 includes many sophisticated, standard features:
     ◦ Accurate, efficient, electronic ignition
       including multi-shot capability

     ◦ Interval adjustable ignition timer
       (30sec - 2hr with 2 random modes)

     ◦ Solar charging system with battery

• Rugged - Designed to survive rough handling and operate in harsh outdoor climates, the M14-1 is corrosion resistant with weather hardened electronics

• Flexible - We offer an assortment of accessories and a complete list of replacement parts to support the M14-1

• Dependable - Constructed of quality materials in the USA, each M14-1 receives rigorous quality control and carries a 1-year warranty / 45-day money back guarantee

• Intelligent - Direct response to animal activity is the best deterrent, and our compliment of activation modules enables the M14-1 to respond to imminent threats

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Customer Testimonials

★★★★★ I purchased the Cannon 14-1 for my orchard in early 2015, I have been extremely happy with the results. Great unit with easy set up from the start. unlike other units which are constantly firing this unit i was able to custom set the firing , I am still on the first propane tank and it is already 2016. The unit hardly uses propane. The Cannon keeps away birds from the orchard and blueberries patch.

If you are looking for a orchard Cannon for your Orchard or Blueberries i highly recommend sonic Sentinel. I find the product is worth the cost.

     - Gordon, BC, Canada

★★★★★ The Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 is serving our purpose perfectly, we're very satisfied with it.

     - David, MO, United States

★★★★★ It's always nice having a company that doesn't skimp on quality, and service. Sonic Sentintel is a company that provides a product built in the United States while contracting services from other local companies. They have a fantastic product, and their customer service is top notch.

     - Nik, UT, United States

★★★★★ Excellent products with innovative accessories that allow the user to adapt to many situations. Great customer support.

     - Richard, NV, United States

Competitive Comparison

Features GoodLife G1 Cannon GoodLife G1 Solar Zon
Mark IV
Reed-Joseph M4 BirdAvert
Sonic Sentinel
M14-1 Lite
Sonic Sentinel
Autonomous Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Capable of unattended, automatic operation
Adjustable Timer Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included User configurable detonation frequency
Portable Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown No Yes Yes Modular, readily transportable design
Available Spare Parts Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Complete catalog of parts available for purchase
Electronic Operation No Yes Optional Yes Optional Yes Yes Yes Provides improved accuracy and reliability
Random Fire Mode No Yes Optional Yes No No Yes Yes Reduces hatituation
of wildlife to effect
Solar Charge System No Partial Optional Optional No Yes Optional Yes Improves autonomy and reduces maintenance
Elevated Tripod No Optional Optional Optional Optional No Optional Yes Increases obstacle clearance and longevity
Rugged, Weather-Resistant Design No Partial Partial Partial Partial Yes Yes Yes Corrosion resistant with sheltered components
Nighttime Deactivation No Yes Optional Yes No No No Optional Desirable where noise ordinances apply
Available Wireless Remote Control No No Optional Available No Available Available Available Optional wireless activation accessories
Sonic Sentinel Module Compatible No No No No No No Yes Yes Motion detection, remote control, XBee radio, etc.
Proudly Designed & Built in the USA No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Product that supports
US manufacturing
LPG Efficiency 17,000 17,000 17,000 15,000 Unknown Unknown ~ 20,000 ~ 20,000 Detonations per 20lb propane tank
Comparably Equipped Cost  $* $$ $$$ $$$  $$* $$$$ $$ $$ Each $ = $400USD
* Uncomparable

Included / Yes Included / Yes Not Included / No Not Included / No Optional / Partial Optional / Partial Unknown / Unpublished Unknown / Unpublished

Latest Updates

03/03/2017 - Sonic Sentinel is proud to have been selected by Montana Resources to help curtail snow geese fatalities at their Berkeley Pit Mine. The following AP article details just one of the many ways Sonic Sentinel's products are used to save lives and solve industrial sized problems.
New measures approved to protect birds from contaminated pit
HELENA, Montana (AP) — Federal officials said Friday they have approved new measures meant to prevent a repeat of last fall's mass bird deaths in a contaminated former open-pit mine in Montana, including noise-making cannons...

02/27/2017 - Please join us in welcoming a new dealer to the Sonic Sentinel family, Good Life, Inc.! They've been hard at work training their team of bird control experts to provide amazing support for Sonic Sentinel's products.

02/13/2017 - Sonic Sentinel Model 14-1 Lite Release Announcement: Looking for the same rugged durability and effective, reliable operation of our standard Model 14-1 in a cost-conscious package? Be sure to check out our brand new M14-1 Lite!


10/10/2016 - We've just added Multi-Shot functionality to every new Model 14-1! Multi-Shot allows you to select between 1, 2, & 3 shots every time the cannon fires, which can be valuable for deterring stubborn species.

08/22/2016 - Sonic Sentinel is pleased to announce the release of our new 360° Rotating Tripod accessory. Check out the below video and click here for more product and purchase information.

08/03/2016 - Check out our great new dealer, Nixalite®! These knowledgeable folks have been humane animal control experts since 1950!

07/31/2016 - Sonic Sentinel is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Be sure to follow us for product updates, industry insight, and plenty of pics and videos of our Model 14-1 in action.

07/20/2016 - Be sure to watch our new Model 14-1 Product Information Video! Those birds are outta there!

06/24/2016 - We just released our shiny new website. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

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